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We are one of the leading PPE suppliers along with hard hat accessories. Introducing the Safe-Mate™ a revolutionary hard hat stabilising accessory & PPE safety tool for hard hats and welding helmets.

This unique PPE safety device is incredibly quick to fit and fits both the pinlock and ratchet type helmets. You will find this to be one of the best hard hat accessories to offer complete comfort.

Not only does the SAFE-MATE, offer complete PPE safety & secure the hard hat to the users head, this hard hat accessory stops helmets from slipping sliding and falling off, even when your head is bent all the way down. Check out our videos below to understand how our PPE safety & hard hat accessories can help you.

New PPE accessory for Industrial safety helmets, hard hat and welding helmets, Safe-Mate increases the safety performance by keeping your hard hats securely fixed onto your head, stops your safety helmet from slipping off while bending over. A quality popular and very much needed new accessory for pinlock and ratchets hard hats.

Try Safe-Mate, you will never want to work again without a Safe-Mate.

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The demo shows you the unbelievable effectiveness of the SAFE-MATE products.

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Patented protected in USA. China. UK. Australia.

Very comfortable to wear. Made from quality leather
and silicon for a longer lasting product.