the HATRIX band

New Image Trading Pty Ltd

Once you try and test your new accessory you will never want to wear a hat without HATRIX ever again. Simply sit your HATRIX hat lightly on top of your head, wiggle the fingers through your hair so they are touching your scalp, when the wind blows wiggle it down so the fingers flex and hold on to you. To remove lift it up slowly from the top.

HATRIX does so much  I promise this hat accessory will do what we claim it to do.

Some of the benefits below...

  • Stops your hat cap etc from flying away in the wind.
  • Never need to hold your hat onto your head.
  • No more choking chin cords.
  • Stops your hat from flattening your hair.
  • No more unsightly hat head look.
  • Keeps your hat dry from perspiration.
  • Keeps your hair dryer.
  • The breeze slips under your hat, keeping you cool.
  • Your hat now fits you better.
  • Fits into most hats caps for male and female.
  • You can wear your hair bands, clips, sunglasses under your hat.

HATRIX is truly amazing...

When choosing a hat to fit HATRIX make sure there is a finger space between your forehead and brim of your hat, this will insure there is space to fit your HATRIX and it will give you a great fit, To large a space will not allow the HATRIX to hold on to your head.

Hatrix can be taped into another hat should you choose to change hats. Leave the old glue on the strip and add new double sided tape on it.

Your HATRIX will last for years.








Hatrix band

Hatrix 2